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Why is Pinki Mad?

Because she got caught! Copying, Altering and Sharing Intellectual property without permission is not okay. 

Hello! I want an Appointment!.png


Pinki called for an appointment!

"Hello! I want an appointment!" 

Pinki called to book a Mini 25 minute appointment at our studio. we explained how it worked and what was required.

Every customer is charged a deposit for appointments. The deposit is  due upon receipt of the invoice. Invoice was sent and included our Terms and Conditions. She ignored it and never paid.


I AM HERE!! Late, very LATE!

And a Suite Case Full!

At 15 minutes after the scheduled time, since Pinki was a Not Present and didn't pay her deposit, we cancelled her appointment. BUT WAIT! Pinki showed up anyway and brought a suitcase FULL of clothes, props and drama.

Her mini was for only 25 minutes! But Okay... let's assist her anyway.

Hello! I want an Appointment! (1).png
Hello! I want an Appointment! (2).png


I want what I want! 

"No matter what, and I will repeat myself, for the 6th TIME!"

Since Pinki brought so much, and wanted to do than she booked, we tried to offer more time. But she refused, "I won't repeat myself again!" 


It Fits Like A Gloves!

But in this case, we tried and tried. If it doesn't FIT you must QUIT!

We photographed Pinki on multiple outfits and multiple backgrounds. 25 minutes later, we finished our service. Our staff explained the process and she left with instructions on selecting her photo from the Proof Gallery.

Hello! I want an Appointment!.png
Hello! I want an Appointment! (5).png


Pinki LOVED her pictures!

So much so, she picked 29 Favorites 

But that was not enough. She wanted more!

She wanted her fan's to see it right now. She wanted their input. She wanted their opinion! She wanted their ATTENTION!

So Pinki took screenshots of the PROTECTED images, and shared them on her IG. But wait! That is not all!


No one wants to see your WATERMARK!

"They want to see ME!"

Pinki takes it a step further and shares a picture without the protected watermark! Oh! That is a big No No!

In order to protect our IP and Copyright, we sent Pinki a Cease and Desist letter. Requesting that she deletes the image right away.

Hello! I want an Appointment! (6).png
Hello! I want an Appointment! (7).png



"I will have all my people write you a Bad Review!"

Pinki couldn't take it. She just wouldn't let herself be caught doing something naughty! I am who I am, I do what I want, and everyone says I am write!

Nope, Pinky is wrong, and could pay a hefty price for taking something that didn't belong to her yet.

08 and Final

After Threats, Accusations, a nd Disrespect, we had to say Goodbye! :-(

We don't accept this type of treatment from anyone. We won't be disrespected, specially in front of our customers, in our place of business.

Pinki couldn't take it no more and exploded. It was a HOT MESS! See for yourself. Here are her lovely messages! Watch out Ladies! This "influencer" is showing her TRUE COLORS!

Hello! I want an Appointment! (8).png
I AM MAD! (1).png
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